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At first glance of Patty DeGrandpre’s studio, one may think she is a graphic designer or perhaps she does some kind of technical drawing. In actuality, she is an abstract mixed media artist with a love of printmaking. In addition to tubes of printmaking ink, brayers, and glass plates, she utilizes a Mac desktop, a large format Epson inkjet printer, a scanner, and an array of vellum, drafting film, photo paper, and any other smooth surface media that inspires her. She produces one of a kind prints by using traditional mono printing techniques in conjunction with digital “plates” that have been created from scans of shapes, found pictures, hand drawn images, and manipulated photographs. The digital “plates” are printed one at a time using her inkjet printer. Each image is allowed to dry before the next “plate” is printed. Using smooth media creates a final piece with many layers, saturated tones, and subtle details. The resulting compositions of the countless images she uses reflect her graphic design approach to her process. Patty’s work is often small which has been dissatisfying to some. It has been suggested on a few occasions that she “should work bigger, it will get noticed more”. Patty feels great satisfaction when these small works catch an onlooker’s eye. She hopes that they will look closer, maybe twice, creating an intimate experience between artwork and viewer.

Patty deGrandpre received her BFA in Visual Design at Southeastern Massachusetts University in 1987. Her studio is in her home in Beverly, Massachusetts. She has participated in many shows both juried and invitational at local, regional, and national levels. In addition to two Solo exhibitions, she has received accolades and awards over the years in both Fine Art and Printmaking. She has been featured in two publications, Artscope and Art in Print as well as Boston Voyager, online magazine. Currently, Patty is a member of the Cambridge Art Association, Newburyport Art Association, and Monotype Guild of NewEngland.

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