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APRIL 2018

Patty deGrandpre

Patty deGrandpre is an abstract mixed media artist with a love of printmaking. Her work is often an intimate experience between artist and viewer. Using both traditional and digital printmaking tools, as well as an array of vellum, drafting film, and any smooth surface media that inspires her, she produces one of a kind prints by using traditional monoprinting techniques. In addition, deGrandpre incorporates digital “plates” from scans of shapes, found pictures, hand drawn images, and manipulated photographs. The compositions she creates reflect a graphic design approach to her process.

deGrandpre received her BFA in Visual Design at Southeastern Massachusetts University, MA. She has shown extensively throughout New England, including at the Bromfield Gallery, Kathryn Schultz & University Place Galleries, and the Attleboro Arts Museum. In addition to her long exhibition record, she has received numerous awards and accolades, as well as been featured in both Artscope and Art in Print magazine. She is a member of the Cambridge Art Association, Newburyport Art Association, and the Monotype Guild of New England. 

Amantha Tsaros

Amantha Tsaros’ paintings are a reaction to the current culture of extreme bullying and persistent vitriol. Tsaros aims to trample darkness with love, joy, and optimism. Each painting is a celebration, a mixture of colors and shapes that express happiness or resilience. Her palette is reminiscent of a favorite childhood candy store stocked with candy buttons, sweet and sour hearts, candied almonds and licorice. The bold colors of jelly beans and the bright lollipop-greens and oranges express a lighthearted, hopeful challenge to the dark blacks and grays.

Tsaros earned a BFA and MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. Her influences include Corita Kent, Florine Stettheimer and NECCO. Recent exhibits include “Excessive Exuberance” at the Munroe Center for the Arts and “Seething Optimism” at Jerome Street Studios. She works out of her Medford studio and is a member of the Cambridge Art Association. 

Sam Dienst

Sam Dienst is primarily a weaver, working on a floor loom to weave large tapestries. Dienst's work is very vibrant and colorful conveying a playful acknowledgement of today’s over-stimulating environment. In pulling from her own domestic environment and personal experiences, she creates abstracted images that meld together the human body, household objects, and nature. Many of her works begin from drawings, though often the final weavings are loosely representative of her chosen source images.  

Dienst graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Fibers from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, MA. Currently her work is on view in "Hand in Hand: Craft and New Technology" in Traverse City, MI through May 5, 2018.  Dienst is a participating artist in this year’s MassArt Auction, a scholarship fundraiser for the Bakalar and Paine Galleries. She works out of her home studio in Wakefield, MA.


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