Leslie Zelamsky


Leslie Zelamsky’s organic and structural sculptures express the personalities of common architectural materials. Her paintings allude to architecture, light, and air while using the slack in paint, tar, and stain to create new concepts in the space between human’s intuition and deliberate action. Zelamsky is sensitive to paying respect to each layer and phase of the piece’s evolution, yet she encourages the elements to naturally express themselves through her decisions to layer or uncover. In the process, she finds the balance between the natural and the intentional.  

Zelamsky studied at the School of Art at Cooper Union, NY, and the College of Art at Maryland Institute, MD. She was awarded the Patricia Robert Harris Fellowship, and was named School 33 Art Center’s (MD) Artist in Residence. Her work has been mentioned in Confinements, Art Review, and Review. Zelamsky has shown her sculptures and paintings Driven to Abstraction at The Umbrella, Concord, MA, Art in Nature at Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA, among other exhibitions. She works from her studio in Maynard, MA.

Fountain Street Exhibitions: Natural Habit, Breaking the Rules, Thrive, Common SensibilitiesYellow Too!Yellow, Divergent Thinking, People's Choiceterrain, Common Thread


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