Collector Diaries #3

I was fortunate to be gallery sitting when Tom made his first visit to Fountain Street Fine Art. He looked at each painting in Common Thread by Brenda Cirioni and Leslie Zelamsky with great care and attention. We chatted at length about the process of looking at work, and the qualities that made him and his wife Catherine want to take a painting home.

In Tom's words:

I just wanted to confirm that we LOVE Familiar Terrain and will definitely be keeping it.  For starters it is a beautiful piece, but beyond that it also connects us to many different special places such as Cape Ann, Maine, England, and a few other spots that have a similar vista where we have connections.  And the composition of such varied found objects adds further interest and depth and I’m sure will have us continue to enjoy it as a special piece and finding new ways of seeing it over time.

Familiar Terrain  by Brenda Cirioni

Familiar Terrain by Brenda Cirioni

After he left that day, I found myself visiting each painting and enjoying the great difference between viewing a painting across the room and up very close to the surface, shifting from image to material and back to image, again. Here's a tiny detail from Familiar Terrain, something you might normally see with your face only inches from the painting.

Detail from  Familiar Terrain  by Brenda Cirioni

Detail from Familiar Terrain by Brenda Cirioni