February in the Annex: Lydia Kinney, Steve Sangapore and Casey Stanberry

This month in the Annex Gallery we are featuring the work of Lydia Kinney, Steve Singapore and Casey Stanberry. The show runs through February 24th. The Annex is a section of the Gallery where we spotlight new work by regional artists. Below the artists talk a bit about their work.

Lydia Kinney

The most relevant work I'm making lately feels resonant with the spaces I inhabit and the images I carry with me. Both the architecture of the interior and the expansion of the exterior have steadily become pillars of my painting.

The work that reads as exterior, or spatially expansive, borrows heavily from the outdoors. I'm not interested in landscape painting in a direct way, but I will pillage the goods at my leisure: the colors of muddy early spring through to lush late July all lend themselves really well to abstraction.

I'm still pushing away from reconciling how these paintings would exist in the space they represent. Recently it's been important to my process that I'm not discouraging ambivalence and uncertainty, but I am harmonizing. It is a great exercise in and out of the studio to live with tension and unknowns.

Steve Sangapore

The work included in this show highlights both scientific concepts of interest as well as people and places of significance to me. When I first began this series, I was interested in creating a dichotomy between a more painterly, realist approach of representation and pure, rigid line abstraction. Combining both this visual approach and an interest I have in certain aspects of science and Quantum Theory, the series SUPERPOSITION was born.

The series explores the implications of what is called wave-particle duality and what seems to take place at the quantum level when an observer interacts with a particle - namely the “collapse” of a particle’s function as a wave. Particles always exist in a wave state of probability (everywhere simultaneously: a superposition) - until an observer interacts with it. It is the simple act of interaction/observation that will “collapse” the wave function of a particle to a single position of locality in space. This event is observed at the quantum level, but everything in the universe, including us, are made of particles… The SUPERPOSITION series explores the implications of this idea: does consciousness create the universe?

Visually, I split the panels into two halves. One half of the painting illustrates the world we perceive and interact with, which is rendered in a realist approach using oil. On the other half using inks, I employ creative line work illustrating the non-locality (superpositions of particles as waves) of the quantum world. There is no texture, true shape or form - just potential.

Casey Stanberry

The intention of my art is to explore the built environment that surrounds me daily and how it elicits emotion. This is done through photo documentation, satellite imagery and my own urban explorations to gain information on an area or building. Every journey out of the house is a chance to question and ponder surroundings. I draw in elevation, plan, section and aerial to best expose certain structural and aesthetic qualities.

The pieces have a sense of being in architectural progress. There is an analytical approach to drawings mixed with a surrealist perspective in the hopes that I am able to show more with the given medium. With the concentration of historic architecture in Boston at my disposal, my work can explore these past centuries and how they’ve created a dynamic and charged space to inhabit.