The ANNEX is a section of the Gallery where we spotlight new work by regional artists.

February 2019

February’s Annex exhibition uses painting and drawing to explore inhabited spaces.
Artists Lydia Kinney, Steve Sangapore and Casey Stanberry each bring their own perspective to structure, environment and space.
Through their experiences and processes the viewer will explore the world(s) in which we inhabit.

Lydia Kinney

Lydia Kinney’s work focuses on spatial abstractions, forming tensions of interior/exterior environments. Subjects include windows and pillars, disintegrating color fields, formally ambiguous confetti, and plays of texture.

Kinney’s paintings function with haphazard visual structure and a focus on material. The composition is pivoted on stained substrates and poured surfaces. She pushes the compositions to balance a suspension of disbelief and tangible acknowledgment of a made object. The dichotomy of drawn and painted treatments takes advantage of the depth and atmosphere implied by wet, amorphous forms and planes. Rigid lines and shapes encounter these surfaces, holding up, constraining, destabilizing, and contradicting their preceding natural flow. The dialog of tense boundaries and soft, moving forms establishes its own environment.

She states, “I am compelled by the clumsy and imperfect nature of painting, especially with a relationship to a more perfect, cold language of drawing.” The precise and angular nature of many of the forms she works with lend themselves to a technical vernacular. She leaves proof of artifice, trusting her hand to waiver from perfect lines, and likewise building shapes or planes that are too sharp to read in the proposed physical space. Her hand invariably invades the illusion.

Kinney graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014 with a BFA in Painting. She lives and works in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Steve Sangapore

Steve Sangapore asks, ”Does consciousness create the universe?” And concludes,“ Modern science, namely Quantum Theory tells us that perhaps, yes, it does.” His thinking is that contemporary science through empirical testing informs us that there in an inextricable and dualistic link between an observer and the object being observed.

The universe is made of particles, but particles also behave as waves. Particles always exist in a wave state of probability until a conscious observer decides to look at it. It is the simple act of observation that will collapse the wave function of a particle to a single position of locality in space. This event is observed at the quantum level, but everything in the universe including us, are made of particles…

His work titled “SUPERPOSITION” explores the implications of this idea by splitting the canvas into two halves. On one side, the world as we perceive and with which we interact. On the other, creative line work illustrating the non-locality of the quantum world. There is no texture, true shape or form - just potential. 

Steve Sangapore is a 2013 graduate of Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT, where he earned a B.A. in studio art and graphic design. His interest in science and philosophy has been a driving force behind much of his latest work. His work has been published in The Boston Globe, Art Business News, Creative Quarterly, Artscope, and E-Squared Magazine. He is based in Boston, MA.

Casey Stanberry

Casey Stanberry states, “The intention of my art is to explore the built environment that surrounds me daily and show how it elicits emotion.” This is done through photo documentation, satellite imagery and his own urban explorations to gain information on an area or building. Every journey out of the house is a chance to question and ponder surroundings. He draws in elevation, plan, section and aerial views to best expose certain structural and aesthetic qualities. Paint is sometimes layered over drawings followed by pen, which gives pieces a sense of being in architectural progress. There is an analytical approach to his drawings, mixed with a surrealist perspective, in the hopes that he is able to show more with the given medium. With the concentration of historic architecture in Boston at his disposal, his work can explore these past centuries and how they’ve created a dynamic and charged space to inhabit. 

Stanberry was trained as an architect and furthered his education at an art school in Spain. Originally from South Carolina, he has always had a passion for historic architecture and its relationship with contemporary daily life. His work reflects the intersection of the built environment and fine art in sweeping perspectives and painted and penned architectural diagrams. He creates custom pieces of a client’s favorite city or building with the aid of photography and aerial / satellite views. Casey Stanberry is an architect who lives and works in Boston, MA.

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