Poetics of White: The Bianco Avant-garde Artistic-spiritual Movement

Today we are excited to introduce you to associate member Paola F. Bidinelli and her artistic project Poetics of White. In this post you will read an overview that describes the Bianco Avant-garde Artistic-spiritual Movement, which was born in Italy ten years ago.

Paola currently has a piece in our nationally juried exhibition, “11:11–The Depth of Perception,” juried by Karina Kelley & Bill Stelling, Kelley Stelling Contemporary NH, on view in the gallery from January 3-27, 2019. We hope you enjoy getting to know Paola and her work!

Paola F. Bidinelli,  Reality is a Veil,  mixed-media on plastic, 10x7.

Paola F. Bidinelli, Reality is a Veil, mixed-media on plastic, 10x7.

Poetics of White: An Introduction of the Bianco Avant-garde Artistic spiritual Movement
by the artist Paola F. Bidinelli

Our contemporaneity is a complex scenario that often manipulates and over stimulates our senses. Too many images, sounds and stimuli are making humankind inevitably blind, deaf, and insensitive. How can we recover our full-perceptive faculties and return to being visionaries, unconditioned, and no longer slaves of the dictatorships of induced consumption? Poetics of White addresses the question, how do we perceive the realities that surround us? It is the dramatic affirmation of “what escapes,” the invisibility of what exists, and what lies behind the surface of things.

Seeing is not just using our physical eyes in front of an object, but it is an imaginative and cognitive activity. It means capturing the essence of things, which we would never be able to achieve while just looking. We must activate our senses and push them forward. It is about capturing the soul of things, and truly seeing their spiritual essence. Poetics of White gives the viewer an incentive to go beyond, by piercing the veil of the reality. The work asks the viewer to achieve the understanding of the reality in front of them rather than simply just seeing it. Since white is a archetypal color it acts on an ancestral level by turning on our senses, it is an effective vehicle to stimulate a deeper perception. Art never limits itself to appearances, it enters the viewer in detail and magnifies itself. Art has the ability to see inside, behind, below, from the side, in the shadows, and beyond. These are the same dimensions which artists look to when creating.

Poetics of White transforms an exhibition into a “white land” where the viewer is put in an emotional relationship with the work. It is a challenge to the viewers understanding and visual acuity. It allows for the recovery, an the full functionality, of their senses through imagination. It creates a space open to the rebirth of all sensations, where one recovers the uncontaminated gaze of a child that is still able to be amazed, and to perceive the true heart of things.

Purchase Paola F. Bidinelli's work by contacting us directly at director@fsfaboston.com. Bidinelli's work is also available for purchase on 1stdibs.com