How'd she do that? The mastery and magic behind creating an original artwork.

Here's how, VERY briefly!


There's a lot beneath the surface of these complex, multilayered paintings.

Tracy has worked with themes exploring the relationship of man and nature for the past 15 years.  Her recent bodies of work, the DNA series, and Evolve series, speak to issues of environmental concern, such as global warming and genetic food modificationThe paintings and constructions are built on visual and symbolic associations; by obscuring, deconstructing, and preserving images in wax she addresses a complex and shifting relationship between man, his biological roots, and the shaping of our natural environment.  Tracy also employs the organic and playful nature of wax to render dramatic, mysterious, and meditative landscapes.  When put together, these landscapes reflect a sequence of change, and with this change, a feeling that can range from haunting to hopeful.    With the intuitive vision presented in these paintings I seek to express the grandeur and fragility of the natural world.  Some of my current work combines the Evolve landscapes with DNA text suggesting a dubious relationship between humanity and the environment - systems that are continually in flux as they create, destroy and reassert themselves.

See more of Tracy's work along with that of Carrie Crane in 'Systematic Ambiguity,  through June 19, 2016. Join us for a Reception, May 21, 5 – 7PM and Artist Talk June 12, 2PM, FREE and open to the public.