Systematic Ambiguity

Carrie Crane • Tracy Spadafora

May 17 – June 19, 2016

Reception May 21, 5 – 7PM

Artist Talk June 12, 2PM


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These two artists, in their own way, have brought together some of the institutional systems of scientific knowledge and added an expressive and harmonic layer to it.


Spadafora, an accomplished encaustic painter, will be showing pieces from two recent series, DNA and Evolve.  Both series speak to issues of environmental concern such as global warming and genetic food modification.  With the DNA series, she uses DNA sequences to provide visual patterning and symbolic reference.  Layered on top of that are images that offer an open and ambiguous narrative.  The Evolve series departs from the more cognitive aspects of her work and employs the organic and playful nature of wax as a medium, resulting in dramatic, mysterious and meditative landscapes.  She states, "My work in Systemic Ambiguity suggests a dubious relationship between humanity and the environment - systems that are continually in flux as they create, destroy and reassert themselves.”


Crane’s work, while not media specific, is held together by the common theme of the diagram and map.  The paintings, constructions and books presented in this exhibit are a comment on the nature of scientific knowledge visualization (infographics) and the tendency for the public to imbue these systems and symbols with great authority regardless of their context. In her work, Crane removes the diagram or map from any associated data allowing for intended ambiguity and an invitation for interpretation.  “In my work I adopt and capitalize on the informative and authoritative quality of knowledge visualization to tease out its subjective nature and draw attention to how we apply meaning to what we are told.” These works, some humorous, some quite serious, are intended as gentle provocations.