MULTIPLICITY- collaboration


Who best to describe the experience of working collaboratively for 'MULTIPLICITY'
than the artists themselves? 


Here are just a few of their thoughts on the process.

More artist insights into the process are included in the 


Kay Hartung, Carrie Childs Antonini and Cheryl Clinton work together to complete 'Cut/Fold/Tear' installation.
In my whole career as an artist the best moments are when I am dialoguing and working intensely with other artists. It’s when I know art is a natural and essential part of humanity. I feel the isolation and misunderstanding that we are prone to just drop away as we work things out and create together.
— Carrie Childs Antonini
Setting the simple goal of creating artwork together that would be different from what any of us could do alone turns out to be pretty complicated…
— Stacey Piwinski
The collaborative process isinspiring, challenging, frustrating...
and always worthwhile.
— Tracy Spadafora