What does it take to be a collector?

One word answer-LOVE (x3)

We know a guy- let’s call him Mike- He’s a collector. Big time. He’s not rich. He’s not fancy. Or Harvard educated (as far as we know). But he’s an art patron, he’s our hero.

We asked him; How does he decide to buy art?

”I’m very picky, he says." if I see something I really love, 


I have to really love it, I buy it.” 

It’s as simple as that. He lives paycheck to 

paycheck, like a lot of us. He finds a way. He’s passionate about buying art the way those of us who make the art are passionate. 

He pays a little, every paycheck, till it’s his.

Good art is never boring. The painting that calls out to you the first time you set eyes on it will catch your eye every time you pass by it in your home or workplace;  it will continue to surprise and entrance as time passes.

The Small Works Showcase

our annual exhibit of work that is small in size and price, (but not impact) is getting underway, from 

October 16th through January 11.

Each piece is under 16 in. and under $500. 

A great opportunity to start, or grow, a collection of your own!

Above: A few examples from the Small Work Showcase

by Sarah Alexander, Scout Austin, Brenda Cirioni and Dottie Laughlin.