We are incredibly proud to present our first ever international traveling exhibition-


June 19 -Aug 3,  2014


Saturday June 21, 5 – 7 PM 

Poetry Reading

Sunday June 22, 1-4 PM

Film Screening

Wed. June 25th at 7pm
at AMAZING THINGS, 160 Hollis St,  Framingham  MA  01702

“WE ARE YOU INTERNATIONAL: NEW ENGLAND EDITION,” is a traveling art show organized by the

We Are You Project


as a spotlight on the contributions of US-Latinos within America's history in the context of socio-political struggles for civil rights, tolerance, and freedom.

We Are You International

is a landmark artistic initiative; selecting and presenting key Latino artists and art-works for a group exhibition of the work of 36 major contemporary Latino artists, reflecting ancestral heritages from over a dozen Latin American nations, among them artists such as

Roberto Marquez


Mel Ramos


Jose Acosta,

Strength in Numbers

The exhibit at Fountain Street Fine Art and related venues within Framingham will mark the first time this project will be displayed in New England.

Since its Inaugural Exhibition in 2012 at the

Wilmer Jennings Gallery

in New York City,

this exhibition has traveled throughout the country, and is scheduled for exhibition in Europe later this year. Several new pieces have been added specifically for the Framingham exhibit.

We Are You Project

 is the first comprehensive 21st Century coast-to-coast exhibition depicting current Latino socio-cultural, political, and economic conditions, reflecting triumphs, achievements, risks and vulnerabilities, affecting all Latinos “within,” as well as “outside” the USA.

Duda Penteado,

All Faces, All Colors

We Are You Project artists

include: José Acosta, Efren Alvárez, Nelson Alvárez, Hugo X. Bastidas, Josephine Barreiro, Monica S. Camin, Jacqui Casale, Carlos Chavez, Pablo Caviedes, Laura L. Cuevas, Maritza Davíla, Ricardo Fonseca, Elizabeth Jimenez Montelongo, Roberto Marquez, Hugo Morales, Lisette Morel, Patricio Moreno-Toro, Gabriel Navar, Isabel Nazario Julio Nazario, Raphael Montañez Ortíz, Joe Peňa, Duda Penteado, Mel Ramos, Rolando Reyna, Ana Rivera, José Rodeiro, Marta Sanchez, Sergio Villamizar and Raúl Villarreal.