Cheryl Clinton a.k.a. Cherie Intuitive Navigation

MAY 8 – JUNE 8, 2014


May 10, 5 – 7PM

Cheryl Clinton, Woodland Water Flood, acrylic.

Cheryl Clinton’s paintings capture the moods, colors, and patterns of the landscape. While taking direct cues from the natural world, all of her paintings convey her interpretation of the idea of space and light, and are as much about the nature of paint and painting as they are reflections of nature.

Clinton first became passionate about art growing up in Framingham, Massachusetts.

After earning a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts College of Art, she traveled to Europe, where the waterways of Venice and the surf of Skopelos Island inspired her sense of the natural world. She then went on to complete her master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Her family’s move to Boylston, Massachusetts, renewed her childhood memories of the unspoiled beauty of rural New England. Clinton’s paintings have been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout New England; her paintings are included in numerous private and corporate collections in the United States and abroad.

The artist now lives with her family in Holliston, MA.

Artist Statement

My work has always been inspired by nature and my place in it.

As my situation in life has changed – from student to teacher, single to married, child to parent – so has my view of the landscape. As the landscape of my life has changed, so has the nature of my artwork.

Always grounded in observations of the natural world – sky, water and earth, the work also reflects my emotions and intuitive response to the painting.

While initially many of my paintings take direct cues from the natural world, all of the paintings are created in the studio, and are as much about the nature of paint and painting as they are reflections of the natural world. My goal is to create a contemplative visual space – a space that embodies a spirit, a space that acts as a passage between our world and one that may exist within and beyond ours.