What's new for March!

'The dress project' 

is a synthesis of

Virginia Fitzgerald’s

experience as an artist, mother, wife and woman in today’s world and culture.  Through this project Fitzgerald is able to face fears, passions, memories, belief systems, current events and social expectations. Her creation process of the dress is rooted deeply in the found or chosen materials used. She sees potential in many things that are usually discarded and dismissed. 

Lisa Barthelson's

 'family debris series'

is an ongoing series of mixed media work that re-uses 3D and 2D permanent and ephemeral objects culled from her family’s post consumer waste stream. 

The mixed media prints in this site-specific installation embrace the walls with color and texture derived from the over printing of our ephemeral debris. After absorbing the chaos of swirling debris, the viewer is invited to move in close to the surfaces to feel the intimacy of a family’s cast offs, re-ordered. Layered as it might be found in a landfill, the detritus offers a new avenue for experiencing what we work so hard to purchase and so effortlessly throw away.

The show runs from March 4- 27. Gallery hours are Fri-Sun. 11-5, by appointment, and by chance.

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