We’re having a gallery!

Cheryl and I were clear on the fact that there was a real need for an ongoing presence for artists in the Bancroft Building. We’d talked with the building owner, and looked at spaces within the building as they became available. The artistic energy’s in the Bancroft Building- the gallery has to be here. But the building is cavernous, and access is critical.

We got a phone call as soon as the space on the first floor became available; a 2200 sq. ft. space located right by the main entrance.  The large central area is spacious; large windows allow for natural light.  Movable wall panels can be built to allow the space to be configured in various ways. A smaller adjacent room can also be used as exhibit space. The space is equipped with a restroom, and has easy access to the loading dock, which will allow access for large 2D work as well as sculpture and installations.   The space has a maximum capacity of 300 people, making it a great alternative place to host small business functions, workshops and lectures.

And we need to decide- NOW.

Is anyone ever prepared for the excitement and responsibility that comes with the realization that she is expecting? We felt that although we’d analyzed the possibilities and researched the logistics, we were taking a huge leap into the unknown. But we were equally sure that this is the place; the time is right, and we’re ready. 
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