Truthfully, we’ve wanted this ‘baby’ for a long time. Cheryl was one of the first artists to rent space in the Bancroft Building, in December of 1996. In fact, she’s one of the artists who coined the name ‘Fountain Street Studios’. Over the years, the number or artists and the reputation of Fountain Street Studios has grown. The community of artists is diverse in media and career development.  Many of the artists with studios in the Bancroft are well-established professionals making their living solely from sales of their work; others are just starting out and / or developing their artistic vision.

Marie is current coordinator of its annual Open Studio Weekend, when most of the over seventy Fountain Street artists open their studios to the public.The Studios are also open for a Holiday Studio Stroll and for occasional Friday night “Studio Strolls” throughout the year.  The fall event and the Studio Strolls evolved in response to many Open Studio visitors repeated asking “When can we come back? Are you open all the time?” With a Gallery at Fountain Street Studios, we can answer YES!

We see the gallery as a natural progression in the growth of the creative community begun by Cheryl’s move into the Bancroft Building almost fifteen years ago. We share the vision; we’ve found a partnership that works.
(that, the blessing of our respective husbands and families, and a little cash, are all we need now. Oh yeah, and space)
Marie CraigComment