Chelsea Revelle

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Chelsea Revelle’s mixed-media and assemblage focuses on the ambiguous identities replacing women’s individuality in the 19th and well into the 20th centuries. In combining pieces from dollhouses, image transfers of women and techniques of embroidery, she subtly invokes the bounded nature of the female self during a time when her identity was tied to domestic obedience. Revelle seeks to represent this tension between self-expression and an expected performance of duty that submerged women’s personalities, talents, and ambitions. She terms these women, “product[s] and prisoner[s] of their reproductive biology.”

Revelle studied illustration at Massachusetts College of Art & Design and organizational leadership at Wheelock College. Her work has been exhibited around the New England area such as the Fuller Craft Museum and Nichols House Museum, and has been published by Fresh Paint and Create! Magazine. She holds a position as manager of studio art classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and also works to promote the accessibility of art-based opportunities to under-represented and emerging artists. She works from her studio in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Fountain Street Exhibitions: Breaking the Rules, Surfacing: Beyond the Narrative, Thrive, Small Wonder, Divergent Thinking, Visual Alchemy


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