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Surfacing: Beyond the Narrative

March 1, 2018 | Brian Goslow
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 Chelsea Revelle,  Calli , fiber art, 17" x 14" 

 Chelsea Revelle, Calli, fiber art, 17" x 14" 

“Surfacing: Beyond the Narrative,” works by Chelsea Revelle and Kathline Carr, has its opening reception on March 2 and continues through April 1 at Fountain Street, 460c Harrison Ave. #2, Boston. The show matches Revelle — a Boston-based fine artist exploring assemblage, mixed media, printmaking and fiber art — and North Adams-based writer and visual artist Carr, winner of the 2015 Clarissa Dalloway Book Prize and more recently the author of “Miraculum Monstrum” (Red Hen Press 2017). For this show, each artist explores a unique combination of materials and processes to rediscover real and imagined spaces, with Revelle’s imagery of dollhouse interiors, fractured furniture and the coexisting subdued organic matter “investigating themes of constraint,” while Carr’s imagery uses landscape as a point of entry “to explore isolated forms, textures and surfaces.”

Kathline Carr,  Below , graphite, muslin, acrylic on paper, 34" x 22.5"

Kathline Carr, Below, graphite, muslin, acrylic on paper, 34" x 22.5"