Sylvia Vander Sluis


Sylvia Vander Sluis is a mixed-media artist who has recently shifted from painting to improvisational weaving and knitting. In her “Torso” and “Pelvis” series, she plays with feminine form and sexuality. She also creates totems and quasi-relics, made to appear like fragments of an ancient garment discovered in the earth. Vander Sluis’ pieces are noted for lush textures and colors, as well as evocative forms. 

Sylvia Vander Sluis graduated with an MFA from Western Michigan University and BFA from Syracuse University. She enjoyed a long business career as a worldwide program manager in the IT industry, where she specialized in corporate training and business process improvement. She joined Fountain Street gallery in 2017 and has a studio in her Lancaster, MA home. Her work has been shown in numerous New England venues, including the Sitka Gallery in Fitchburg; Cambridge Art Association 2018 RED exhibit; and the Attleboro Art Museum. She has also designed banners for the First Church of Lancaster and the logo for the Lancaster Land Trust.

Fountain Street Exhibitions: 11:11–The Depth of Perception, Breaking the Rules, Thrive


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