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Steve Sangapore asks ”Does consciousness create the universe?” and concludes,“ Modern science, namely Quantum Theory, tells us that perhaps, yes, it does.” His thinking is that contemporary science, through empirical testing, informs us that there in an inextricable and dualistic link between an observer and the object being observed.

His series titled “SUPERPOSITION” explores the implications of this idea by splitting the canvas into two halves. On one side, the world as we perceive and with which we interact. On the other, creative line work illustrating the non-locality of the quantum world. There is no texture, true shape or form - just potential.

Steve Sangapore is a 2013 graduate of Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT, where he earned a B.A. in studio art and graphic design. His interest in science and philosophy has been a driving force behind much of his latest work. His work has been published in The Boston Globe, Art Business News, Creative Quarterly, Artscope, and E-Squared Magazine. He is based in Boston, MA.

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Fountain Street Exhibitions: Annex February 2019


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