Secrets of the Unseen

Marie Craig and Allison Maria Rodriguez

May 1–June 2, 2019

Reception: Friday, May 3, 2019, 6–8 p.m.

Through installation, video, photography, animation, drawing and performance, “Secrets of the Unseen” explores the possibilities of transcendence and rebirth through a conventionally unrecognized, hidden power. Craig and Rodriguez draw attention to the manner in which this power is linked to the survival instincts of all lifeforms, highlighting that existence is both delicate and ferocious. This exhibition illustrates that the foundation for a shared evolution could be found in the smallest, and perhaps most unlikely, of places.  

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Marie Craig’s current project, “Natural Consequences”, presents large-scale photographic imagery of ambiguous content. Translucent, overlapping pieces peek into one another, inviting the viewer to interpret and look for meaning from multiple perspectives. Craig uses cyanotype, a primitive photographic process that embraces the unpredictability of the sun, wind and water. By rooting her artistic technique in nature’s forces, Craig explores our interconnectedness. We are reminded of nature’s resilience as well as the urgent concern for its equilibrium. Craig’s work asks us to grapple with complexity, transcend our usual one-pointed view and reach for reconciliation.

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Allison Maria Rodriguez will be showing work from “Legends Breathe”, an ongoing project that explores the power of creativity and imagination in overcoming trauma. Based on interviews with female-identified artists about childhood fantasies, the project speaks to a strategy of survival activated through creativity. Rodriguez employs a variety of mediums to explore these fantasies, highlighting their uniqueness, their commonalities, and their inherent power. One primary element evident in all the fantasies is a harvesting of strength through a deep connection to the natural world. The work is populated by endangered species and threatened habitats, conveying a link between the trauma and healing of our planet to that of the individual. “Legends Breathe” is funded in part by a grant from The CreateWell Fund.

Rodriguez Artist Statement- Legends Breathe

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