We Are You International: Latino Artists in the Spotlight

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by Meredith Cutler, Artscope Magazine, July/August 2014

For those of us living in Boston's MetroWest region, it's a given that for the best pupusas, or to catch a Capoeira practice,  a visit to Framingham is a sure bet. The town is known enclave of Latino businesses, from hole-in-the-wall taco stands to Columbian bakeries to Brazilian... everything. But "Latino," this pan-ethnic label of population predicted to claim the US majority by 2070, can be hard to pin down.

To help us access the enormity of the Latino identity and the idea of "Latinization" today from an art world standpoint, enter Framingham's Fountain Street Fine Art (FSFA). This summer FSFA hosts the New England edition of "We Are You Project International," a traveling exhibition of 36 contemporary Latino artists and poets with roots in over a dozen Latin American nations...

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