Juncture: exploring the intersection of chaos and cohesion

Marie Craig and Sara Fine-Wilson

October 11 – November 12, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday Oct. 14, 5-7pm

First Friday Reception: Friday, Nov. 3, 6–8pm

Juncture. Two artists push the limits of their chosen media toward the critical point where things may come together or fly apart. It is this tension between balance and chaos, between letting a thing be itself and imposing some sort of external order, that activates this exhibit.

Marie Craig intersperses digital negatives of man-made objects, buildings and environments, with plant material, to create complex photographs that allude to the tension between the natural and the manufactured. Craig uses cyanotype, an early photographic technique in which chemically treated materials are exposed to sunlight, creating distinctive indigo images, small pieces on paper and large-scale works on linen.

Sara Fine-Wilson is interested in balancing the control of form and material, while also allowing the form from the subconscious to reveal itself.  She achieves this through the practice of creating repeating forms in different sizes, encompassing a common gesture or directionality. She then connects them in order to create a larger version, which amplifies the initial intuitive gesture. Material and process play a large role in language of forms in her work.


Marie Craig Artist Statement

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Sara Fine-Wilson Artist Statement

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