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In his new work, Joel Moskowitz starts with a long continuous line that never crosses itself, building up a shape that looks something like a psychedelic maze, or perhaps a system inside the human body. Then he juxtaposes that shape with something else: a silvery moon, translucent balls of primary colors, a swathe of red.  Somehow these images express something outside of the self, resonating with hope, love, and a longing for unity. Previously, Moskowitz gracefully painted Hebrew letters while juxtaposing them with corresponding Arabic letters. In doing so, he recalled the historical interconnectedness of Abrahamic religions, while envisioning a future wherein Arabs and Jews peaceably coexist. Moskowitz chose to convey this theme specifically with written communication, because he recognized a common consideration of language as beautiful within both cultures.

Moskowitz attended Brandeis University with a focus in sculpture. His materials and subject matter has ranged over the years from oil and plaster, painting with watercolors, creating collages out of scrapped library catalog cards, and drawing with ink and charcoal. He and his wife opened and ran the FrameLoft & Gallery in Sudbury, MA, from 1983 to 2012. An accomplished poet, Moskowitz's poems have appeared in such publications as J Journal and the Healing Muse. His artwork has been displayed extensively, including at the Cambridge Art Association ‘National Prize Show,’ ‘Off the Wall’ at the Danforth Museum, and at the B.J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington, NY, and the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences in Loveladies, NJ.

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