Exquisite Array: Human, Nature, Object

In our Annex space “Exquisite Array: Human, Nature, Object” will run through July 28, 2019. The works are inspired by the exquisite qualities of human, nature, and objects. Twenty-eight gallery artists will be featured in the show: Sarah Alexander, Jim Banks, Kathline Carr, Brenda Cirioni, Marie Craig, Mia Cross, Patty deGrandpre, Denise Driscoll, Sara Fine-Wilson, Tatiana Flis, Joseph Fontinha, Kay Hartung, Mary Marley, Vicki McKenna, Joel Moskowitz, Iris Osterman, Chris Plunkett, Chelsea Revelle, Allison Maria Rodriguez, Alexandra Rozenman, Steve Sangapore, Melissa Shaak, Rebecca Skinner, Gin Stone, Sylvia Vander Sluis, Marcia Wise, Daniel Zeese and Leslie Zelamsky.

There are some great deals and unique opportunities to purchase original artwork at accessible prices. These are ideal works to start a collection with.

Denise Driscoll’s Gaia series are a gorgeous tangle of intertwining shapes with iridescent highlights and a luminous colored edge that causes the surrounding light to glow! These spectacular little gems are a steal at $300.

While poking through the bins you will find a serene little cyanotype titled “Blue Hour” by Vicki McKenna. A glorious, raw and natural, beach image enhanced by deep blue tones. A lovely piece to contemplate over for $200.


”Collage Deck” by Steve Sangapore is a surreal giclee print on a wood skateboard deck. Seeing Steve’s work in this format can really transform how you perceive art, and it can be yours for $50!

4339068331817492259 - Sangapore_CollageDeck.jpg

Allison Maria Rodrigues archival prints of video stills taken from her “Legends Breathe” series are colorful, playful, and magical. This image of a mermaid reading in a impossible pool is only $135!

4327199361106909344 - Rodriguez_LegendsBreathe-WaterMythologies.jpg

Make plans to walk through our space before Sunday, July 28th. If you can’t make it into town, a selection of work has been made available for purchase from our Facebook shop!