Recreating Nature: Associate Member Exhibition

August in the main gallery features our associate member exhibition, Recreating Nature, curated by Gin Stone. Fountain Street's associate members include Paola Bidinelli, Patty deGrandpre, Linda DeStefano Brown, Nan Hass Feldman, Catherine Gibbs, Bob Grignaffini, Pat Paxson, Roy Perkinson, Stacey Piwinski, Chris Plunkett, Joyce Pommer, Tracy Spadafora, and Anne Sargent Walker. An opening reception will be held on Friday, August 3rd from 6-8pm. Below we share some of the artist's thoughts about their work, as well as the curator's statement.

Anne Sargent Walker

"First Fall" by Anne Sargent Walker

"First Fall" by Anne Sargent Walker

"My work with hands and birds is about our complicated relationship with nature."

Linda DeStefano Brown

"Buttercup Memories" by Linda DeStefano Brown

"Buttercup Memories" by Linda DeStefano Brown

"My images go beyond the reality of the world in front of the camera. Perceptions develop from our experiences, and through the use of natural forms and light, equivalents of something else are created."

Roy Perkinson

"Pool on Schoodic" by   Roy Perkinson

"Pool on Schoodic" by Roy Perkinson

"I am drawn to a scene that has an underlying sense of geometry and combination of colors that I judge to contain the possibility of delicious harmonies."

Curator: Gin Stone

The recreating of nature refers to any artist's interpretation of the outside world. Every artist sees their surroundings with a unique set of eyes. Therefore as an individual works on a piece, they are immediately starting with their own perspective on it, before a mark is ever made. Each of us will see life uniquely, we then each have our own set of truths about what we see. Artist's take this concept a step further by physical manipulation of a material. Implementing marks, making a record of a thing or taking a material and making it into something else.

"Great Hill Buffalo" by Gin Stone

"Great Hill Buffalo" by Gin Stone

Gin Stone is a Core Member of Fountain Street gallery, and is an ardent environmentalist and lover of living creatures. Stone works in a variety of mediums, but is best known for her humane taxidermy created with reclaimed North Atlantic longline fishing gear. Her next curatorial undertaking opens in October with a Small Group Show at the Cambridge Art Association, in which her work will be a part of.

Member of PAAM, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum
Member of CAA, the Cambridge Art Association