Kay Hartung: Intuition and Evolution

This week is the opening reception for Conceal and Reveal in the main gallery, Friday July 7 from 5-8. The show features the work of core artists Denise Driscoll and Kay Hartung. Recently a gallery visitor made an observation about how well placed Kay's work was in our new space. She was right! The natural surfaces of exposed stone were the perfect complement to Kay's organic and structured surfaces. Kay shares a bit about her process below.

I work with microscopic imagery, creating colonies of cellular shapes that migrate, flow, and multiply. My process builds layer upon layer of biomorphic forms, suggesting growth, development, and movement. I reveal the beauty of this mysterious world, inviting the viewer to contemplate the impact these minute forms have on our lives.

Kay hartung  Bio Layers 1

Kay hartung Bio Layers 1

With my interest in fibers and textiles I love color and pattern. I am inspired by the microscopic world and interested in the connections between science and art. In 2004, I saw an electron microscope photo of colon cancer. It was a beautiful image of this deadly disease. My mother died of colon cancer when I was 19. I felt compelled to draw it and worked in pastel. I started looking at more photos on the internet and in books and began the series I call BioVisions.

Kay Hartung  Cell Migration 4

Kay Hartung Cell Migration 4

I work very intuitively and the paintings evolve as I go along. I often will conceal what I have painted and then reveal it again by scraping or torching.