Miraculum Monstrum at Fountain St.

Core artist Kathline Carr will be reading from Miraculum Monstrum in the gallery this Saturday, November 11th, from 4-5. Below she talks a bit about her newly published book.

miraculum monstrum cover.jpg

"This Saturday, I’ll be reading from my new book, Miraculum Monstrum (Red Hen Press 2017). The book employs a hybrid form of storytelling in the form of poetics, essay and visual art, scraps of lore and invented scripture to tell the story of a woman artist who is afflicted with wings and becomes a hybrid creature, and an unintentional prophet."

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"When I began writing Miraculum Monstrum, I was engaged in image-making alongside the writing process, but how the story and the images would go together was something that developed organically. The character of the work began to resemble how I thought the protagonist would be making art, and then I added a curator character to put it together, from the future. I am fascinated by the waves of discovery curators make delving into the past and mediating our experience of little-known artists. I wanted the book to have that feel, to resemble an exhibit catalog, but also to feel fragmented, for the reader to have the sense of excavating the text and images. Excavation doesn’t always give all the answers, one has to fill in and imagine the missing parts." 

Work in Proceess

Work in Proceess

"I spend a lot of time reading essays about art, I love theory and art writing and I like to combine these kinds of writing with more creative work and poetic content. I write documentary poems also, long hybridized poems that center on an event or events and utilize found or appropriated text. My art-making process follows a similar line of inquiry—how do these pieces go together? Only I obscure the process in a good deal of erasure and iterative mark-making. The pieces assembled in my studio are the underpinnings but often remain behind the resulting images."