Through the Lens of Rebecca Skinner

We are continuing our Introduction of New Members this month with Rebecca Skinner. Her photos tell stories and document the passing of time.

Can you tell me a little about you background?

I am from Massachusetts. I lived in North Carolina from 1992 thur 2000. While there I was a Custom Color Printer and Department Head for one of the largest film printers on the East Coast. That is where I fell in love with the printing process and the techniques involved in producing a quality print. I always had a camera in hand even in childhood. In 2010 I received a Certificate in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design. While at RISD I was greatly influenced by one of my teachers; Shane Gutierrez. He reminded me of my love of photography as a form of art and pushed my creativity.


What is your current focus in the studio?

I am focusing all of my attention on documenting historic buildings. I completed a project focusing on abandoned mental hospitals in 2012. Raising awareness of mental illness is important to me. Right now I am focusing on factories/ mills. They are quickly being demolished and with them their history and beauty. When exploring these fascinating buildings you are reminded of the industries we have lost.

I use the most recent release of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to process my images. I look for images that are strong, that tell a story and that are technically well done. I print most of my work myself.