Collector Diaries #2

What is it about collecting art that is so intrinsically satisfying? Why do people buy art? We thought we’d talk with collectors to find out.

We asked Shawn about two recent purchases, “The Children in the Square” and “Three Pots in a Doorway”,  by Nan Hass Feldman.

Here's what she told us...

“The Children in the Square”    by Nan Hass Feldman.

“The Children in the Square” by Nan Hass Feldman.

Three Pots in a Doorway,  by Nan Hass Feldman.

Three Pots in a Doorway, by Nan Hass Feldman.

I recently purchased (through lay-away, thank you very much! ) two mixed media paintings by Nan Hess Feldman.  My first purchase was “The Children in the Square” .  At that time I was having a difficult time choosing between “The Children in the Square” and “Three Pots in a Doorway”, but ultimately chose the first one.  When I took receipt of it after final payment, and the second one was still available, I decided it was an omen and I was meant to own Nan’s other painting. They complement each other really well! 


So, why do I love them and where did I hang them?

Selfishly, they’re in my bedroom.  They make me smile each morning when I awake and they bring sunlight into my room regardless of the weather outside. As you can imagine, after this long winter these paintings were a fabulous mood altering tool. 


Additionally, I’ve met Nan a few times and her cheerful, sunny disposition is infectious.  When I look at her paintings I also feel the warmth of her personality.


I’m very happy with my purchases!