Five Things to remember when starting to collect art.

Five things to remember when starting to collect art.

So many beautiful things! Choosing just the right artwork can sometimes seem daunting, especially when beginning your collection. Here are five things to keep in mind to help you feel confident, have fun and enjoy the treasure hunt!

‘ Grazioso ’ by Marcia Wise, installed in a collector’s home.  See more…

Grazioso’ by Marcia Wise, installed in a collector’s home. See more…

 1. Trust your instincts.

How do you know if a work of art should be yours? You know because it touches your soul, speaks to you in a deep and special place, a bit like falling in love. Good art is never boring, you see more in it every time you look at it.

2.  Keep looking.

Nothing comes close to the experience of seeing art for real. Visit as many art galleries and museums as you can. Get on their mailing lists so you'll be invited to openings and special events. Many museums and art centers have special members’ only discounts and events.

3.  Find out more.

Subscribe to a few art magazines. Artscope and Art New England are excellent regional publications. Boston Art Reviewand ? are a few of our favorite local online publications. Follow Read critics’ reviews in The Boston Globe and New York Times to give an overview of the current arts scene and help you decide which exhibits you’d like to see for yourself.

4.  Buy the real thing.

Good original art doesn’t have to be expensive. Support local artists by buying art from galleries and studios in your area. You will surround yourself with one-of a kind treasures that have meaning, which is so much more satisfying than purchasing mass-produced home-store decorations. 

5.  Fall in love.

Art that moves you will enhance your life every day. When you find a work of art that you love, buy it. Take it home, enjoy, repeat!