The Ugliest Building in Framingham

Bob Hesse,   Fountain Street,   photograph

Bob Hesse, Fountain Street, photograph

We've heard people refer to the Bancroft Building, where the gallery is located, as 'the ugliest building in town'. We've even heard that some people think it's abandoned! Quite the opposite is true, there's actually a waiting list for space.

It's like a geode- ugly lumpy gray on the outside, but open the door and you're surprised to find a building humming with activity and an art gallery unlike any in Metrowest!

Roy Perkinson,  Studio Window at Night , oil.

Roy Perkinson, Studio Window at Night, oil.

We love the way people find  beauty in our building. The 'ugliest building in Framingham' has become a landmark and a destination for art lovers in the know!

Once visitors find their way here, they're amazed to find so much creativity and innovation under one roof. Our neighbors include the 70 or so artists who have studios in the building, along with many small independent businesses- woodworkingfurniture restoration and saleslight industrial and manufacturing, even a boxing gym!

Marie Craig,   Itsy Bitsy Spider  , photograph.

Marie Craig, Itsy Bitsy Spider, photograph.


We've been told that the gallery is a (not-so) hidden gem, 'the real thing' as one transplanted NYC art lover told us. It's a real source of inspiration, as you can see in the works of art included in this post, all of which have been shown in the gallery.