Meet our New Emerging Artist Fellow

Fountain Street Fine Art announces its first

Emerging Artist Fellow

Stacey Piwinski,

2014 FSFA Emerging Artist Fellow

Fountain Street Fine Art is pleased to announce its new Emerging Artist Fellowship. Funded by an anonymous donor, the program is designed to provide assistance and mentorship to a recent MFA graduate. “Our experience in starting this gallery was eye-opening, a real education into the nuts and bolts of navigating the business of art and building a sustainable art career”, said co-director Marie Craig. “We want to share what we’ve learned with artists who are just starting out, and to give them an exhibition opportunity that will help launch their careers.“

The one year program provides experience in the business side of the professional art world, and culminates in a one-person show.

Stacey Piwinski,

Introductions 1

Stacey Piwinski,

Fountain Street Fine Art’s first Emerging Artist Fellow, received her BFA in painting in 1999, her MFA in studio teaching in 2000 from Boston University, and her MFA in visual arts from Lesley University in January 2014. Stacey participated in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Teaching Program in 2005 and was inspired by Japanese textiles, specifically Saori Weaving. As an arts educator in the Wellesley Public Schools, she has facilitated community weaving projects as a way of connecting individuals. Weaving as a metaphor for bringing people together is a thread that runs through all of her work. Most recently, her portrait series is a non-literary way of communicating an individual’s personal narrative.

Piwinski’s mixed media portraits use discarded objects that are collected by those depicted in the works. These items are shredded, cut, twisted and torn and are recontextualized into a handwoven fabric that represents the essence of that person. The items embedded within the fabric spark conversations that guide the painting process. Every choice is crucial and the work is a visual representation of the social exchange between the subject and the artist.

“Stacey’s body of work is very strong, has already attracted the notice of galleries in New York City”, remarked co-director Cheryl Clinton. “ She’s enthusiastic and a perfect fit for the gallery. We’re thrilled to have her working with us as our inaugural Emerging Artist Fellow.” Piwinski will exhibit her work at Fountain Street Fine Art in August 2015.