Kellie Weeks: Fabrications

March 6– April 6, 2014

Reception Saturday, March 8, 5-7pm

Artist Talk Saturday, March 22, 2pm

Kellie Weeks’



in nature, embark on an investigation in personal relationships that develop as a result of changing and shifting boundaries.

Kellie Weeks,


, encaustic.


is an ongoing investigation founded in personal relationships formulated as a result of changing and shifting boundaries.  Ultimately, Kellie considers these paintings conversations, or stories, about building, and rebuilding what has been lost or destroyed as a result of foundations being fostered upon falsities or imperfections.  In some of the work, things feel top-heavy, or the lines and boundaries are clouded and distorted; sometimes there is this feeling of balance or off-balance in the painting, there is a sense of certain uncertainty in the work, or there is confusion about what is coming forward or receding into the back. There are deep


carved into the wax that represent the eternal chasm of harm done by the dissolution of these relationships. However, we also see the light beyond the darkness and the worth of promise to build again.  All of these things lend themselves to the point that we are human, and humans will fail each other.  Without mistakes there is no chance for learning.  The point is, when we see the need for transition and transformation, hopefully we realize the truth and authenticity that is inherent our lives and we act accordingly.

About Kellie:

Kellie Weeks

received her B.F.A from Bradford College in 2001.

She is an abstract painter who uses


, an ancient medium that is comprised of beeswax, resin, and dry pigments, for their insurmountable quality, depth, and brilliancy.

A Fitchburg resident, she works from her studio in West Concord, MA.