It takes a Village....


or perhaps, America’s biggest town

Artists, historically, have played an important role in society- as observers, interpreters, instigators. So what’s our part to play, here, now, in downtown Framingham, rumored to be the biggest town in the US?

Roy Perkinson, Rte. 135, Late February, oil on canvas

Artists have a proven track record of being on the front line of revitalization and renewal in communites everywhere, Just in Massachusetts, examples abound. Let’s take North Adams, a mill town in the Berkshires completely transformed by MassMOCA. Facts and figures can be found atEconomic Impact of MASS MoCA in Berkshire County, MA.  Boston’s SOWA Open Art Market, was instrumental in the turnaround of Boston’s South End neighborhood.Sowa market: rebirth of bostons south endWaltham Mills Art Studios are a part of the revitalization of Waltham’s formerly seedy Moody Street.

Artists play a vital role in our community- as volunteers, actiists, revitalizers.

The Danforth Museum,Amazing Things, and the Framingham History Center

are already a n important part of Framingham's cultural economy. But this is just the beginning... 

So support your friendly neighborhood artists- 

Visit your museums and galleries, often! 

And buy something. (a greeting card?) 

Grab a coffee or a snack at a local shop.

Pick up a list of our favorite things and to do places to eat when you visit the gallery, and get a free pass for same-day admission to the Danforth Museum.

And be the change that helps everyone realize that South Framingham is 'the cool part' of town!