Nan Hass Feldman: new work from China

The Red Sail II, mixed media sketch

 One of the intriguing things about Nan Hass Feldman's new series of work from China is the way many of the paintings are shown along with their companion sketches. Nan's visit to china was short, and she 'didn't want to miss anything', as she told us. She worked feverishly to record her observations in mixed media sketches. The sketches have an immediacy, a translucent quality that makes them quite different from the paintings. Their composition is nearly identical, but the paintings are larger, intensely vibrant, and rich in the texture and detail that are hallmarks of Nan's work.

The Red Sail, oil on panel

As artists, we delight in seeing the 'sneak preview', the sketch where the ideas come together and the decisions about form and color take shape. Certainly, the difference between the two is striking and palpable. 

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Better yet, there's really nothing like seeing the real thing. 

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A Sail to Great Island

, his most recent full-length collection, was awarded the 2004 Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry and published by the University of Wisconsin Press.  


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