Two artists, two distinctly different media; is there a connection?

              YES. Definitely!

above:Grignaffini and Lougee's work in the Gallery.

 The work of

Bob Grignaffini


Michelle Lougee,

when brought together, complement each other in surprising ways. Each artist has a strong body of work, compelling in its own right. 

But there’s a synergy, a kind of electric current that jumps between the paintings and  sculptures, that makes the show greater than the sum of its pa


In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. On the surface, the form and color used by Bob Grignaffini in his work is replicated in the shapes and textures of Michelle’s sculpture. But beyond that, conceptually both artists are strongly attuned to the natural world around us, and to a sense of place.

B. Grignaffini,

Into the Garden

In his painting, as well as his work as a landscape professional, Bob shows a passion for creating self-sustaining ecosytems, for designing edible landscapes,

and for working with unprocessed materials such as stone and rough cut timber. Whether on the canvas or in the landscape, his work strives to show the heart and organic movement in what he is creating. His love of material carries over to his painting in the sense that his works have a very painterly quality. Expressing a love for the texture and color of the paint, equal to whatever image he is portraying on the canvas, is closely intertwined with nature, and infused with a sense of our place within it.




Michele Lougee’s body of work, entitled Material Nature, is a collection of tactile woven forms inspired by microscopic ocean creatures. With some 20,000 types of organisms in a liter of seawater, there are many beautiful forms to draw from. In a continued exploration of material, she has used plastic bags, to crochet  enlargements of some of these life supporting underwater organisms.

The work of both artists is informed by their passion, understanding and concern for the fragile beauty of the world we inhabit, and reflects this in distinct but complementary way



Bob Grignaffini & Michelle Lougee: Painting & Sculpture 

runs through March 11.

Gallery hours Thursday-Sunday 11-5 

and as always, by appointment 508.879.4200

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