first anniversary:PAPER

Once again, the gallery is filled with an incredible variety of outstanding work. 85 artists submitted nearly 200 pieces to


, our our third juried show. While we're more seasoned 'gallerinas' now, and more accustomed to the volume of work submitted, we still continue to be impressed with the quality and breadth of the work we're seeing. Interestingly, about half of the artists who submitted work were new to us, and,while predominantly from Massachusets, came from all over New England and New York.

The juror, James Welu, had a difficult task ahead of him when he came to jury the show last week. He made some tough choices, and selected 47 pieces by 40 artists, for what we believe will be a very strong show. 


Artwork fills the gallery before Juror James Welu's visit.

We asked Jim to talk about the thought process and reasoning behind his selections. He told us that having multiple pieces by a single artist to look at informed his decisions by providing some background and context to the work. He also found it important to see a connection with the theme,


, although he chose a broad interpretation. He included a number of 3D pieces in the exhibition, and chose works in many different media, including photographs, oils, watercolors, drawings and prints.

The challenge to us, now, is to take his selections and curate a coherent show from a diverse group of pieces. It's a task that we relish, having realized over the past year that this is one of our favorite parts of our work here in the gallery. When you see the show, we think you'll agree we're really fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best art the region has to offer.

Paper runs from January 13- February 5.

Please join us for a Reception on Saturday January 21, from 5-7PM.

The Gallery is open every Fri- Sun from 11-5.

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