INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH - Spotlight on Sculpture

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH, our focus for Summer 2011, seems to lend itself to three-dimensional pieces, at least as evidenced by the work submitted for the show. We're very excited to have a large number of sculpture in this show, from textural relief to delicate ceramics to large scale metalwork. We found ourselves really needing to 'think outside the box' to find ways to display these 3D pieces to best advantage. Some of the more delicate pieces needed to be protected, while still allowing the viewer to appreciate the subtlety of the work. Many of the sculptures really must be seen from multiple vantage points to be fully experienced. Sight lines are important; the work can't obscure or compete with the 2D work surrounding it. 

Martin Ulman's found object sculpture Jules Verne suspends from the ceiling; three of Bill Cohn's hand-built ceramic pieces stand on pedestals in the background; Bob Collini's At the Fair stands at far right.

AJ Grignaffini, The Fish, repurposed metal sculpture

Steven Thomas Martin's The Package, mixed media sculpture; Martin Ulman's Mr. Automatic, wall hung.

One of the things we learned from Unscripted, our first juried show, was to request that artists supply their own pedestals. The right pedestal can act as a matt or frame, and really complement the piece. Artists supplied not only pedestals, but instructions, hardware, and assistance to display their work to best advantage. The result is that the sculptures in the show act as exclamation points that punctuate the 2D work that surrounds them.

The photos here are intended to give you a taste- the show really does need to be seen 'in 3D'.

White Noise, by Michael Ulman, center; Joe Carpineto's Pull, far right.

Please join us for the INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH opening reception on Saturday, June 25th, from 5-8 PM.

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