Countdown to 10x10

The response to our invitation to Fountain Street Studios artists to create 10x10 in. panels for the April show has been overwhelming! Artists began bring in completed work on Saturday, first by ones and twos, and over the weekend the collection has grown to over 70 pieces- all different, surprising in so many ways! Some people tried techniques and ideas they'd wanted to experiment with for a long time. Others did smaller, more intimate versions of their signature styles. Some are 3D, some are mixed media. There are oils, acrylics, collages, photographs. It's been really wonderful to see all the creative energy that exists in this building, and especially great to see how individual artists have enjoyed seeing what their neighbors have produced, discussing ideas and techniques, coming together in such a collaborative spirit.

As we start hanging the show we're looking at the way each square relates to its neighbors; it's quite a challenge because size is the only constant here. We've been reminding ourselves that there's no one right way to hang this show; instead there are more 'right ways' than we can count. The show will be a delightful, lighthearted event that brings a diverse group of artists together and showcases the depth and breadth of what we do here at Fountain Street Studios.

Come see for yourself! 

The show opens Friday April 1st, and runs through April 30th. We're open every Friday- Sun. 11-5.

A reminder, too, that

Fountain Street Studios

Open Studio Weekend is April 8-10. Over 50 individual studios will be open- a great way to visit with artists in their workspaces and see more of their work.

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