What's in a name?

Naming our ‘baby’ has proved to be quite a dilemma!

We’ve been following various theads, and pretty much sleeping with the Thesaurus, hoping something brilliant- catchy but not frivolous, resonant but not pretentious, comes to us in a dream or something- So far, no luck.

First, the historical thread- Bancroft Gallery, maybe, after our Building? But who, but the residents and a few history buffs, know that’s what it’s called? How about Goldman Gallery, after our illustrious landlord?

Or the arty-cute thread- Zest, Zed, Zen, Pop, Buzz, Sphere? The good ones are taken, the others are lame…..

Or the gritty industrial thread- Boiler Room? ( sounds like a bar) Power Plant? (nah)
Smokestack ?

And on and on and on….

How about Junior?
In a sense, our gallery is a child of Fountain Street Studios- a natural outgrowth of the dynamic artist community that it has become over the years. The gallery is not exclusive to Fountain Street artists, yet it wouldn’t exist without the creative energy present here. Fountain Street Studios has name recognition and a fine reputation. People know who we are, and equally importantly, where we are. This gives us a head start in establishing ourselves as the place to see new work from emerging local artists.

So ‘Fountain Street Fine Art’ (aka ‘Junior’) it is!
Marie CraigComment