Mia Cross and Doug Cross

May 30 – July 1, 2018

First Friday Reception: Friday, June 1, 6–8pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, June 23, 6–8pm

Crossover features the work of daughter/father duo Mia Cross and Doug Cross. The exhibit highlights a series of pieces created specifically for the show. With both artists using a set of identical word prompts as the impetus for each piece, the show explores the “nature vs. nurture” debate through their interpretations of each word, based on their unique accumulated experiences and perspectives.

What does “anxiety” look like to someone who is 26 versus someone who is 62?  How about the word “home” or the word “blue”?

With each artist working in the solitude of their own creative process, the work in “Crossover” ranges from figurative wood carvings and metal assemblages, to oil paintings and installations.



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Doug Cross

Inspiration comes to Doug Cross in many ways; from the raw, sweet smell of the outdoors to a funny or disturbing event in the news. With very few pre-conceived notions about what art “is” and “is not”, this open-mindedness carries over to his approach towards his work. He often creates outdoor sculpture using found objects, stones, or trees that storms have uprooted. Whether working with paint, wood or metal he allows the materials to lead him on a creative journey and always trusts his inner voice to tell him when he’s arrived.

Doug Cross Statement and Biography


Mia Cross

Through a diverse body of work spanning multiple mediums and themes, Mia Cross explores color, the human figure, and narrative. Her oil paintings, and in particular her portraiture, demonstrate a fixed fascination with pattern and skin. When painting, Cross pays special care to creating engaging color relationships, sometimes harmonious and sometimes dissonant. Cross stitches her colors together like a quilt, often laying them down with a palette knife and leaving them untouched for the remainder of the painting process. Her recent work explores where the figure begins and ends when immersed in its surroundings.

Mia Cross Statement and Biography


"Crossover" an exhibition featuring father and daughter, Doug Cross and Mia Cross