December 4, 2010
PRESENT COMPANY Members' Show, November 2011
It was just a year ago we held a 'painting party' and invited our friends and fellow artists to help us tackle the seemingly endless task of painting the 2200sq. Somehow, with lots of help, we finished.(except for a couple of annoying places where we missed  a spot) Finally.
Was this really just a year ago?
December 2010
Holiday Sale, November 2011
Fast forward to this November. During the Holiday Stroll weekend, over 300 people visited the Gallery,  a terrific turnout. Even so, 'We had no idea you were here!', and 'You're open EVERY weekend?' were frequent comments.  So there's still a major newness factor to be overcome.

If you're reading this, you know about the Gallery- you know that it's open every weekend (Friday through Sunday from 11-5), and that until December 18th we're open additional hours (Thursdays from 10-2 and Friday evenings till 8). You may have visited, or  participated in one of our group shows. You 'get' that the Gallery is one of very few places in Metrowest Boston to see (and purchase) work that is skillfully executed, exciting and new. You're aware that exhibits change monthly, so it's well worth repeat visits.

We need your help (once again) to spread the word! 
Here's what you can do-
Introduce us to all your friends...
Invite friends to join you when you visit....
Tell us what you think....
Buy something? (we have a lovely selection of art cards that start at just $4)

And THANK YOU- to those who took a chance with us a year ago (and risked permanent neck damage to paint that ceiling!!)  and to those who continue to support this adventure -look what we've been able to accomplish together!

Coming in 2012...
January 13 through February 5, 2012
The theme for this exhibit, PAPER, comes from the traditional symbolic first anniversary gift. We are seeking work in any medium that is on, of or about PAPER, to celebrate our first year of operation.

59 fountain street
framingham ma 01702