The Left Behind

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Stacey Piwinski


July 17 –– August 15, 2015

Reception: July 17, 6–8pm


Stacey Piwinski’s mixed media paintings incorporate discarded objects as a way to invoke the memories of the things and people that we hold dear. “As someone who enjoys the accumulation of things, I often wonder why some objects are so precious to us while others are so easily discarded.”, Piwinski comments. “While preparing for my wedding, I have been thinking about how our energy and intention are carried through many of our possessions.” By working with the objects, memories, and energies of what is left behind, this show is actually more about inclusion than exclusion.


Stacey received her BFA and MFA from Boston University, and recently an MFA in visual arts from Lesley University. Stacey participated in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Teaching Program in 2005 and was inspired by Japanese textiles, specifically Saori Weaving. As an arts educator in the Wellesley Public Schools, she has facilitated community weaving projects as a way of connecting individuals. Weaving as a metaphor for bringing people together is a thread that runs through all of her work. She is currently the Emerging Artist Fellow at Fountain Street Fine Art in Framingham, MA.