We take cash / check (ask for ID & put phone# on check) / MC / Visa/AMEX & Discover

We are also willing to discuss no-interest payment plans, with delivery of art upon final payment.


Purchased work must stay in the gallery until the close of the exhibit, unless specified. If that could cause the sale to fall through, contact Marie or Tatiana.

All exhibition artwork is for sale, price info is on the labels.

Sold work gets a red dot.  


ALL SALES must be entered in SQUARE AND written up on a paper receipt.

Processing of sales takes a few minutes, go slow, read the directions, don’t rush. Ask your customer to have a seat, give them a drink, and invite them to keep browsing while you run the sale.

White copy stays in pad. Yellow to customer. Pink on back of artwork, if possible.

Include  Collector Name and Contact info (phone / email / snail mail) on both SQUARE and paper receipts so that we may contact the buyer at the close of the exhibitIon.


Sales tax is .0625 on everything, unless it is to be shipped out of state.

CASH sales- change is in cash box (in credenza, door on the right).

CHECKS- put phone number on check, place inside cash box.