OPENING and CLOSING the Gallery


OPENING the Gallery

  1. Use your key to open either door of the gallery. Main doors to the building should be open when you get here. If the building doors are not open, ask the parking attendant to let you in.

  2. Unlock the other door (from the inside)

  3. Switch on all lights.

  4. Put the sandwich-board sign outside by the C entrance. Sandwich board is kept inside the gallery. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE IT OUTSIDE THE GALLERY. Use the elevator if it’s easier to get the sign upstairs.

  5. Check the answering machine (on small console beside the door). Take messages, Return calls.  LEAVE THE ANSWERING MACHINE ON.

  6. Play Music (your choice) To use Spotify, set the receiver to PHONO. Set volume control on computer to no more than 3 dots, use receiver volume control to adjust after that.


DURING Your Shift

 Make sure your belongings are out of sight in a closet or drawer.

THE BATHROOM KEY fob is on the red hook on the supply closet. Bathrooms are down the hall to the left, before you get to the C entrance lobby. Please put the key back on the hook!

LOCK THE DOORS WHEN YOU LEAVE, and put a note on the door.


  1. Check the mail. Our box is by the C entrance, box C2 (on the stairway side). Mailbox key is on the same key ring as the bathroom fob.

  2. Greet visitors warmly; offer to answer any questions. Invite them to leave comments for the artists, and/or sign up for our email list, if it seems appropriate. When they leave, say goodbye, and thank them for stopping by.

  3. Read through exhibit and artists binders to familiarize yourself with the art and artists, so that you can answer visitor questions. Enjoy the show! 

  4. Keep a Visitor Tally (in notebook on desk)

  5. SHARE! Instagram, Facebook, Tweet, etc. Invite friends to visit you and see the show.


CLOSING the Gallery

  1. Turn off coffee machine. Turn off music.

  2. Turn off all lights except the switch that works the lights in the windows.

  3. Take in sandwich-board sign back into the gallery. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE SANDWICH BOARD OUTSIDE THE GALLERY.

  4. Bolt one of the doors from the inside. Exit the other door, lock it behind you.

  5. If full, take trash and recycling to dumpsters (at the back of the parking lot on the other side of building) DO NOT LEAVE FOOD CONTAINERS IN THE GALLERY.



Questions? Call/text Marie at 774.286.1800 or Tatiana at 941-284-1719