Member Roles

The contributions of Core members are critical to our success as a cutting-edge gallery in Boston. Member roles are organized into four teams- Sales, Marketing, Exhibitions and Operations.

Member responsibilities are outlined below. Tasks and responsibilities may be added or adjusted as gallery needs evolve.


SALES TEAM: The retail team manages two online sales platforms. These two platforms work in tandem to ensure that all gallery retail outlets are running at full capacity and that inventory is reflected appropriately and refreshed regularly.

2017 Team Leader: Denise Driscoll

  • Annex Online Shop (Square POS) Inventory Curator: OPEN  Part of the Annex gallery team, the online shop inventory curator is responsible for collecting and ensuring all online shop inventory is added to the online POS system. In addition, they send out calls to members for new work and posts new inventory when needed.
  • 1stDibs Inventory Curator: Denise Driscoll and Rebecca Skinner The 1stDibs inventory curator is in charge of uploading new artwork to the 1stDibs site as needed. In addition, they work and guide members through the 1stDibs process. This position will be expanding into two positions: Inventory Curator (uploading and posting) and 1stDibs Liaison (sales and questions)



MARKETING TEAM: The marketing team members manage our multiple marketing platforms. These platforms work in tandem to ensure that all gallery messaging is up to date and consistent. The marketing team creates original content that updates and interests the gallery’s audience and collector base. In addition, the team works with members in producing additional messaging that helps promote upcoming exhibitions.

2017 Team Leader: Tatiana Flis

  • Design: Denise Driscoll/Tatiana Flis
  • Website Curator: Joel Moskowitz
  • Main E-blast Curator: Sarah Alexander
  • Event E-blast Curator: OPEN
  • Print Listing Curator: OPEN
  • Social Media Curator Facebook: Marcia Wise
  • Social Media Curator Instagram: Cory Shea
  • Blog Curator: Sara Fine-Wilson
  • Blog content provider (OPEN)(to write collector interviews, collector-focused posts)
  • Video Producer: Mia Cross
  • Press Release Editor: Susan Emmerson
  • Artist news coordinator and distributor: (OPEN) (distribution channel not set)


EXHIBITIONS TEAM: The exhibitions team coordinates gallery special exhibitions, receptions and events. The exhibitions team includes the curators for the Core, Associates and Annex exhibitions. In addition, the exhibitions team assists members in installation and planning as needed.

2017  Team Leader: Marie Craig

  • Main Gallery Team:
    • Scheduling Coordinator: Cherie Clinton - Maintains the exhibition calendar, schedules upcoming exhibitions and related events
    • Exhibition Coordinator: Marie Craig - Meets with artists in advance preparation for exhibitions, advises on curatorial decisions
    • Core Members’ Exhibition Team: Rebecca Skinner and one other (these individuals change yearly - a lead curator with an assistant curator. The assistant curator is the lead curator the next year and a new member becomes assistant curator...)
    • Associate Members’ Exhibition Team: The associate members’ exhibition team organizes and leads the Associate Members yearly group exhibition. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: exhibition development, press releases, announcements, artwork submissions, organization, event planning, catalogue creation, postcard creation, and exhibition installation and curation. 
    • Juried (call-for-art) Exhibition Team: Tatiana Flis, Joseph Fontinha, and Anita Loomis The juried call for art exhibition team is made up of a minimum of two individuals. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: exhibition concept development, juror selection, call for art preparation and promotion, press releases, announcements, artwork submissions, organization, event planning, catalogue creation, postcard creation, and exhibition installation.
  • Annex Gallery Team: Iris Osterman, Mia Cross, Kay Hartung, Vicki McKenna, Susan Emmerson
    The annex curatorial team is responsible for the annex yearly programing and updates. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: exhibition concept development, press releases, announcements, artwork submissions, organization, event planning, postcard creation, and exhibition installation and curation.
  • Reception/events Coordinator: Leslie Zelamsky
    The reception and events coordinator works with exhibiting artists and curating teams to schedule and order food/drinks for opening receptions and special events.



OPERATIONS TEAM: The operations team manages our finances, our physical space, and our relationships with members at every level. Team members include the treasurer, staffing coordinator, liaisons for each level of membership, and a facilities coordinator.

2017 Team Leader- OPEN

  • Treasurer: (Anita Loomis) The Treasurer works closely with the Director and Assistant Director in managing budgets and finances. The Treasurer’s main responsibility is the liaison to the third party bookkeeper by gathering monthly sales information, and recording and depositing all membership dues. In addition, the Treasurer confirms updated sales reports, and ensures accurate payments to members for gallery expenses and payment of commissions, as needed. The treasurer will provide an annual financial statement to core members.
  • Liaison to Core Members: (Marie Craig) The core member liaison’s main responsibility is to ensure that core members are kept up to date on gallery operations information by communicating with the group between meetings, recording and sending Member meeting notes, moderating the private core facebook group.
  • Liaison to Associate Online Members: (Tatiana Flis) The liaison’s responsibility is to answer and guide the associates in their membership. Duties include: membership dues collection, membership packet distribution, and administrative tasks in regards to the online sales platform. In addition, the liaison assists in planning the Associate Online group exhibition that takes place once a year.
  • Liaison to Annex Members: (Vicki McKenna) The liaison’s guides Annex members in their membership.
  • Staffing Coordinator: (Brenda Cirioni)  The director of staffing ensures the gallery is staffed during gallery business hours, as well as scheduling special events. i.e. First Fridays, Opening Receptions, Special Events. In addition the staffing director keeps track of gallery keys and is in charge of creating additional keys as needed. The staffing director is also responsible for communicating tasks to be done during staffing shifts.
  • Facilities Coordinator: (OPEN) The facilities coordinator manages our physical gallery space, maintains the office area, replenishes supplies, communicates with building management for repairs as needed.
  • Gallery events planner: (OPEN)- Works to identify and organize events targeted to new collectors, and researches and coordinates gallery rental opportunities.