Gallery Staffing Policy


1- Each core artist must sign up for 2 (3-hr) shifts/month, by the 15th of the previous month. Shifts are available through August '18, so you may sign up far in advance, an especially good option if your available hours are limited.


2- If you have not signed up your hours by the 15th, you will be invoiced $45/shift so that we can pay someone to staff those shifts. You may be able to do extra shifts the following month to cover those hours, but check in with the staffing manager before you do this to see if it is possible.


3- If you need to reschedule your hours within 2 weeks of your scheduled shift, you must remove yourself from the schedule, and use the SWAP feature on to find a replacement (see below), and/or email the group asking if someone will switch with you.


4- If you need to CANCEL within 48 hours of your shift, contact the staffing manager immediately, and follow the directions above as well. You will be charged $45/cancelled shift (just like at the dentist).


Remember, if no one is available to staff the gallery, we need to close for that shift, which is not fair to the exhibiting artists, makes the gallery look unprofessional and reflects badly on all of us. 


Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation, and for making this such a vibrant group of talented artists.



Snow Policy


On weekdays, if Boston Public Schools close or delay, we are closed as well. On weekends, we play it by ear, and will often opt to close in inclement weather. If you're scheduled to sit on a day that's forecast to be bad, or if you're staffing and the weather starts to get ugly, check in with Marie or Tatiana to make a decision about closing.


If you're in the gallery and we decide to close:

1-Change the voicemail to say that we're closed due to inclement weather

2- Leave a note outside the door.

3- Update the home page header (or ask Marie to do it).


It is optional, and up to exhibitors, to determine whether to post a snow date for receptions and events in advance for their show.