Maximize your Presence on 1stdibs and Artsy

OPEN a personal 1stdibs and/or Artsy account

  • Follow Fountain Street

  • Follow yourself (and follow as many of our artists as possible!)

  • Browse the artwork and follow a few artists and other galleries

  • Select a few images to open and “save” two or three

This account is for browsing work, not for posting your work for sale, which the gallery must do in their own account on your behalf.

POST a link to your 1stdibs and Artsy listings in your newsletters and on your website | Share via social media

To get this link, open 1stdibs or Artsy and search by your name. It will take you to a page of your work. Make a copy of this link to share through your newsletters, blog posts, website, etc. Sharing these via social media can greatly increase the views to your work.

Group and Solo Shows on Artsy

We can arrange work in Online Exclusive shows as well as shows that mirror what is currently in the gallery— Breaking the Rules will be our first full gallery show to be on Artsy. So far, it seems that Group Shows get more views than Solo Shows, since work crosses more categories and draws more viewers in. We’ll continue to post group shows through the end of the year and then will revisit our plan for 2019. We’re working to build a process that will allow us to post gallery shows in a timely manner.

In Artsy, placing work in shows is much like “featuring” worked on 1stdibs. Our goal is to cycle through our inventory so that old and new items are constantly brought to the top of the feed.