All work MUST be hung, labeled and appropriately lit when the show opens to the public at Noon on opening day.  Minor details and finishing touches can be attended to on Wednesday, but all tools, ladders, equipment and trash must be put away, walls must be touched up and clean before doors open.

Failure to meet these requirements will cause ineligibility for future shows. FSFA cannot function without adherence to deadlines and guidelines by all of its artists.


BE PREPARED- Deliver work on the agreed upon date (usually the Monday before the start of the show).  All work must be DRY, WIRED and ready-to-hang. Bring any special tools and equipment with you when you deliver the work. Be aware of extra time required for complex installations or site-specific work.


NO changes are permitted after the start of the show.


Installation guidelines:


1.     Unwrap artwork, and begin laying out the work around the space. Take your wrapping materials home.


2.     Lay out the show. Gallery directors will collaborate with artists in curating the show. LESS is MORE. Allow generous spacing for each artwork to shine and breathe.


3.     Hang artwork 58-60 in. on center from the floor. Hardware and tools are in the supply closet. Use 2 hooks on larger pieces. We cannot guarantee the stability of artwork that is not wired.


4.     Pedestals for 3D work are in the storage area. Pedestals may need touch-up paint. Allow time for this. Paint and brushes are in the storage closet.


5.     Labels should be placed to the lower right of the artwork. Use the excel template provided in the exhibitor info packet to provide label info at least two weeks before the start of the show. Edits, capitalization, spelling are the responsibility of the artist.


6.     Lights will need adjusting. Ladder is in the storage closet.


7.     Touch up walls using a white eraser (on the desk) to erase stray pencil marks on the wall. Stubborn marks can be removed using magic eraser (in supply closet) or touched up with paint (in storage area).


8.     Once installation is complete, RELAX and enjoy the show- a job well done!